Recoverit Alternative

Recoverit is just doing well on its service but still, some people found this not worth using. But there is also the Recoverit alternative for your convenience of getting back lost data. Recoverit isn’t the best choice because of this software’s bad performance, some of its limitations, or its price. So must check this Recoverit coupon code offer to get this software with a huge saving. Here we are going to introduce some alternatives to this product so that it makes it easy to recover your data. Some other data recovery software would be more compatible with data recovery, You will get more options to recover your lost files.

Best Data Recovery Software:  Recoverit Alternative

Disk Drill

This is the most common data recovery tool and offers most of the different features than Recoverit. Disk Drill supports windows and mac. Its features like health disk monitoring perform a strong analysis of lost data. That is something extra that doesn’t offer Recoverit.

Features of Disk Drill

  • File Recovery: This can recover more than 400 files types of any disk-based media.

  • Easy Interface: In this, you can easily get along with each of the features and get back your lost or deleted files.

  • Free Trial: A free demonstration of it allows you to recover your 500 MB of lost data. This makes it one of the best data recovery software for Windows.

  • Active Data Protection: After your data gets back it will keep safe your files so that they don’t get corrupted or just lost.


Another data recovery software by Tenorshare is well known by people for its video tutorial and best data recovery service. Features of this software are what make it different from others and it is usable for both windows and mac users.

Features Of Ease Us

  • Formatted recovery: This can recover formatted files, hard drives, USB damaged disks.

  • File Recovery: It can recover more than 550 files this offers more options to get back your data.

  • Easy Interface: This is easy to use, you can recover data at your home without going through any complex data recovery process.

  • Corrupted File Recovery: Recover files may get corrupted or inaccessible or unreadable, this can fix them all.

  • 4DDIG: It will save your hard drive from getting corrupted and any other data virus attacks on your device.

Test Disk

The open data recovery software with a deep scan can find every single lost data. This will analyze corrupted drives and work on them to get them back to normal. A safe and secure program for windows and mac users and a suitable Recoverit alternative also.

Features Of Data Disk

  • Free Recovery: This can recover your free data up to 1 GB, this gives more exploring options. It is quite the top data recovery software for mac & windows.

  • Preview Options: It offers you the option to check a preview of your recoverable files, which makes it more convenient for users.

  • Access to Encrypted Files: By this, you can recover your data from encrypted drives and it also recovers your corrupted drive files.

Conclusion: Recoverit Alternative

Here, We have mentioned the best of the alternatives of Recoverit data recovery software. They all have some advanced features and they all can do free data recovery more than Recoverit offers. For more detailed Recoverit information you can just check Wondershare Recoverit Review. You can choose one of them according to your requirements and according to your budget. If you are looking for other than these programs then you must try them and have a great and easy data recovery experience.


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